Joining The Market: A Friday Market Stall With a Difference

Posted on: May 30th, 2007 by Ramsey 11 Comments

Written by Edward Stallard

The idea came to us as a moment of inspiration while walking through the streets of Amman’s downtown area on an overcast Friday afternoon in late May. Watching the sellers interact with one another, share jokes, drink tea and casually attend to buyers who strolled from stall to stall thumbing through the wares on sale; we were intrigued. Makeshift wooden tables heaped up with clothes bearing American college slogans, mobile phones laid out in snaking rows, unidentifiable electrical parts in piles and people drifting and chatting with one another.

Somewhere between seeing the spirit of community between the traders, and the hum of activity around popular stalls we came to a simultaneous conclusion: we could do that; we could set up a stall and sell in the Balad.