One Year of 7iber

Posted on: May 25th, 2008 by Ramsey 20 Comments

Written By Lina Ejeilat

It was one year ago, on Jordan’s Independence Day, that we officially launched 7iber dot Com. Many a time in the past year, we stopped to look at what it is we were trying to do and how well ideas were translated into actions and results. That’s an ongoing process. But given the way we humans like to give certain significance to “breaking points” on a timeline, this one-year anniversary is a good chance to share some questions and reflections.

What is 7iber?

We often tell people that it’s an experiment with “citizen journalism”. We say we want to offer an alternative source of local news and insights, building on the power and authenticity of blogs, and combining that with journalism standards that ensure credibility, quality, and consistency.

While that can sound heavy on buzz words, the idea was quite simple. We felt the local mainstream media was missing out on a lot of interesting news and ideas. The only English-language mainstream media outlet with some online presence was the Jordan Times. Some blogs were attracting a lot of readers who were genuinely curious and eager to find a different voice on local issues. The number of blogs was increasing exponentially and it was getting increasingly difficult to keep up and filter out the good stuff. There are some basic standards of proper journalism practice that bloggers are often too oblivious to.

Before launching 7iber, we spent months brainstorming and putting together a proposal in order to get some funding. A lot of energy went into trying to write what potential funding bodies want to hear and to explain what we wanted 7iber to be. But then someone said to us “you should just do it”.

So we did.