Reviewing Antigone's Heart

Posted on: October 31st, 2008 by Lina No Comments

Written By: Farah Mehdawi

Sometimes, a transparency seen in an actor’s solo performance will not be as amazing (in terms of following a script) as much as the little details and reflections of the performance as a whole. It was in reality that Antigone’s spoke and let the soul swoon for the melodies of its beats. On October 23, as a part of the cultural activities sponsored by the Spanish Embassy and the Spanish Cultural Center (Cervantes) in Amman, the Royal Cultural Center hosted the Spanish play Antigone’s Heart.

Antigone’s Heart is a play, depicted from the Greek Tragedy of Sophocles Antigone the daughter of Oedipus, who defies the rules of men seeking glory by destruction, to raise the name of God having faith in family and peace. The play was in the form of a monologue consisting of nine scenes, and was all done by the Spanish actor Maria Jose Garcia. The actor’s skillful performance seems to have gathered in the character of Antigone all the discrepancies of human nature.

In the scope of one character, Antigone, through all the scenes, seems to pass through moments of happiness, sadness, misery, and anger. Feelings conveyed delivered more than just the real theme of the Greek Antigone, as the ancient epic, spoke of conflicts between the wishes of the heart and the purity of belief as well as the whims of vindictive men seeking eternal fame by bloodshed.