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الخميس 03 أيار 2007

Our organization is an independent web-based citizen-media news outlet from Jordan. 7iber provides original, creative and interesting content, seeking to better inform our audience of untapped Jordanian issues as well as providing local perspectives and first-hand accounts of news, politics, arts and culture. To find out how to send your contributions check this page.

We are a group of Jordanians who believe in the power of community. We are not funded by any organization. We, the editors, are independent freelance journalists interested in working for the people, rather than for the system. Please contact us here for any submissions, comments or inquiries.

Our Name
Our name comes from the Arabic word “ink.” The ‘7’ represents the Arabic throattal ‘haa’ sound – one that doesn’t exist in English. The ‘7’ is a way to write the letter instead of ‘h’ because the number ‘7’ is similar to the shape of the ‘haa’ in Arabic script. With our digital ink, we hope to let a voice be heard.

7iber.com offers an alternative to mainstream and state-run media, while providing professional, ethical and fearless journalism and a much-needed critical and independent voice for Jordan.

While mainstream media outlets focus on national and international events and stories the local voices and issues have gone unheard.

This isn’t just journalism; it is journalism with an attitude that relies on local untapped talent.

Target Audience
Our audience is persons of Arab origin living abroad and those interested in alternative coverage of Jordan. Recognizing that Internet penetration is critically low in parts of the Arab World and that a large, educated and largely untapped audience of persons of Arab origin living abroad exists, this site will be mostly in the English language (for the time being).

With that in mind, 7iber.org has a guideline when it comes to our content:

– We retain the right to edit(for spelling, punctuation and style) any works on our site to conform to our style guide
– We encourage contributions of critical, but respectful stories that add value to aspects of Jordan, Arab and Muslim worlds and their histories
– We encourage a healthy debate and seek out opposing opinions in a constructive and respectful manner
– We accept contributions from all persons of all faiths and all nationalities

Our standards:

– 7iber seeks to provide ethical, fearless work
– We do not accept submissions or comments containing hate speech, obscenity and/or personal attacks
– We will not publish demagogic material that doesn’t add value to the discussion at hand
– We publish according to American English under a Creative Commons License

7iber’s view
We are here to encourage a conversation: a conversation laden with respectful language and critical information. We seek to highlight positive aspects of Jordan and the Arab/Muslim world while retaining our right to accurate and critical material.

We view the Arab and Muslim world as interesting and historical; a global “us” rather than a divisive “them.”

We post news, articles, commentary and events that we feel will help portray a more accurate and in depth image. We encourage submissions and seek a wide range of viewpoints and perspectives.

We publish under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Creative Commons License

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