Eyewitness: Fighting on UJ Campus

الجمعة 18 أيار 2007

Written by Roba Al-Assi

On May 16th, I noticed the heavy campus security as soon as I arrived at the University of Jordan at 8:00 AM. Although the security is always there, they seemed a little more ruffled than usual.

I leave campus and come back 2 hours later, and the guy who collects money for the parking lot told me I couldn’t park outside. He shook his head and pointed to the main gate, where at least 5 big cars of police were parked, and where cops were walking around with their clubs, they’re not letting anyone park outside today.

He then told me that a “Abeidat” had stabbed two girls in the university yesterday evening, and that the girls’ tribes are really angry and expected to make an appearance, and that I really should go home. I didn’t go home as I had a class, but my class was in my faculty at the edge of the university, so I didn’t get to go to the main campus area to check out what, if anything happened.

The story that has been repeated and confirmed by most eyewitnesses is that a young man proposed to a girl and was rejected by her and her family. He came up to her in a busy area of the university, close to the humanities faculties, and according to witnesses, said “if you can’t be mine you can’t be anyone else’s.” He then proceeded to slash her face.

Both the male and the female are from well-known Jordanian tribes. The reason security was stepped up is because the girl’s cousins are rumored to come back and get revenge. The girl is in the hospital and in stable condition.

Later on at home, I ask the boys whether they heard anything about the fight. One out of 4 confirms and gets all excited recounting the story, “Oh, yeah, hell was loose at school today! Some guy proposed to this girl and her parents said no, so he was so angry that he came to school the next day and “salakha moose” (stabbed her) as well as her friend.

Today, I check out the newspapers for any news of a brawl at Jordan University. I check Al-Ghad, Al-Rai, and the Jordan Times, I also check the Jordanian blogosphere for any rumors. Nothing at all.

Editors note: Similar instances of violence have been documented at Jordanian universities including this fight at Yarmouk in Decemeber 2006. Also, this story from AmmanNet radio detailing the Yarmouk fights, which lasted several days before security forced were brought in.

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