Historical Timeline

الجمعة 25 أيار 2007

As the Ottoman Empire fell, French Mandate Syria, and British Mandate Palestine were created. Transjordan occupied a large majority of British Mandate Palestine on the East side of the Jordan River. King Abdallah I was given semi-autonomous control of Tranjordan after losing the battle for control of Mecca and Medina.

British request from the United Nations that its Mandate end in Transjordan. Jordan is created on 25 May 1946.

The Palestinian nakbe, or catastrophe, is created alongside the Jewish state of Israel. Thousands of Palestinians are forced from their homes to the West Bank and newly created Jordan.

Jordan annexes the West Bank.

King Abdallah I is assassinated in Jerusalem. King Talal begins rule until August 11, 1952.

From 11 August 1952 to 2 May 1953 a council ruled over Jordan until King Hussein became of legal age to rule.

Jordan and Saudi Arabia exchange desert for a small coastline for Jordan in Aqaba on the Red Sea.

Jordan joins a defense pact with Egypt and fights in the June 1967 war against Israel. Jordan loses control of the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Due to the war, an estimated 300,000 Palestinian refugees were added to the 700,000 already living in Jordan.

Open fighting between armed Palestinian resistance and Jordanian Army, known as Black September, caused the Palestinian Liberation Organization to be violently forced from Jordan.

Jordan ends hostilities with Israel through negotiations at the Madrid Conference.

The Late King Hussein succumbs to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma on February 7th and King Abdallah II becomes the King of Jordan.

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