The First Drop of Ink

الجمعة 25 أيار 2007

Defining this project is almost an impossible task. Believe us, we’ve tried. It’s a collision of ideas bouncing off each other within a crucible we’ve created. It’s about community. It’s about amplifying voices. It’s about impact. It’s about bringing Jordanian culture and society into the virtual realms. It’s about the pen being mightier than the sword and how the keyboard is more powerful than both. It’s about people. It’s about ideas. It’s about change.The concept behind 7iber is to create an environment of citizen journalism in Jordan. It’s a way to amass the opinions of many to create one harmonious arena in which they can share them. It’s an attempt to shine a spotlight on Jordan and create a window for people from all over the world to see what our country is about. Whether the topic is about society, culture, politics, current events or even the environment, 7iber is meant to articulate the ideas of everyday people to the massive audience of the World Wide Web.

It’s about hopes and dreams. It’s about views and attitudes. It’s about telling the untold stories. It’s about writing the unwritten words. It’s about planting a single seed in the shape of an idea and letting it grow into something larger than itself. Surpassing all notions of social constraints and political shackles; it’s about overcoming odds and crossing over boundaries. It’s about merging the power of words with the potency of actions. It’s about bringing together a lot of people with plenty of ideas on how to change their country, just to see if that crucible can contain them.

It’s about the street level. It’s about the citizen. It’s about digital ink in digital times. It’s about not caring so much on defining what 7iber is, but rather what it aspires to become; a journey of ideas.

All you have to do is share them with us.

The 7iber Team

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