Interactive learning at Jordan's first children museum

الأربعاء 06 حزيران 2007

The Children’s Museum, the first hands on and interactive institution of its kind in Jordan, was brought to life last month. Dedicated to serving children, families, schools and the community at large, the Children’s Museum provides powerful interactive learning experiences to encourage and nurture lifelong learning for children and their families.

The cheerful exhibit hall is full of possibilities; three main themes – humankind, the natural world, and technology- are featured throughout the hall. These three themes are further developed through topics such as health and fitness, astronomy, geology, the environment, creativity, civilization, mechanics, robotics, light and optics, mathematics, air and flight, communications, and more. There is also an outdoor garden that includes exhibits relating to water, science, music, and travel.

Some exhibits invite full body participation, others encourage contemplation; some are noisy and busy, others inspire calm reflection. In the museum, children can discover recycling opportunities, challenge their physical skills, dig for ancient artifacts, or deliver breaking news in the TV studio.

Although I do not fit into the museum’s target age of 3-14, I greatly enjoyed the experience. I would strongly encourage anyone looking for some inspiration to step in. The museum is located in Al-Hussein Park, up the hill from the Cultural Village and right next to The Royal Automobile Museum. its open from 10:00 am to 6:00 PM on weekdays and 10:00 am to 7:00 pm on Fridays. It is closed on Tuesdays. Its entrance fee is three JDs per person, and its a nonprofitable organization, where all proceeds go towards the museum’s operations and programs.

Some pictures taken around the museum:

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