Jordan Run

الأحد 05 آب 2007

August 17th, 2007 at 8:45:00 AM

For The First time in Jordan, Jordan Run Leadership Tour will be launched on 17.8.2007. It will include the launch of numerous cars from various areas, driving to several tourist areas in our beloved country, thus promoting tourism and antiquities found in Jordan, in accordance with His Majesty King Abdullah’s vision of encouraging internal (local) tourism, while learning about ruins and antiquities and relic areas in our precious country.

The Program:

1- Meeting point will be at abdoun mall at 8:45AM.
2-Departure from abdoun mall will be at 10:30AM to madaba speed
3-Arrival at madaba speed will be at 11:30AM.
4-Departure from madaba speed will be at 1:00PM to nebo mountain.
5-Arrival at nebo mountain will be at 1:45PM
6-Departure from nebo mountain will be at 3:30PM to the dead sea.
7-Arrival at rest area in ancient kerak citadel will be at 6:00
8-Departure from the rest area will be at 7:00PM to aqaba
9-Arrival at aqaba will be at 9:00PM to celebrate and tour in aqaba
10-Celebrations begin at 9:30PM until 3:00AM at coral bay hotel.

Hot Cars
Hot Places
Hot Beach Party
Free Drinks & Lunch

Cost: 100JD PER CAR
Maximum 4 people
For more info: 078-8700434

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