الأربعاء 05 أيلول 2007

7iber is a Jordanian citizen journalism project that depends solely on contributions. With that in mind…

What we look for: We’re interested in anything and everything that involves Jordan and the local community at large. Whether it’s a story about everyday social observations or an interesting photo or video you took on the streets of Amman or Irbid, 7iber aims to be inclusive. The goal is to be as diverse as possible. You can vent out your frustrations about rising gas prices, or you can review a cultural event you went to lately. Politics, economics, music, movies, current events, society, culture and tradition: these are just a small variety of topics we’re looking for.

Editing: All contributions are edited to some extent. The focus of the editing is on coherency; the better it reads, the less work we have to do. Nothing is censored unless it blatantly conflicts with our guidelines, as outlined in the about page. If that should happen, then we, the editors, will discuss it and make a decision.

Send any contributions to: [email protected]

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