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الأربعاء 12 أيلول 2007

Photos and Words By: Sabri Hakim

I’m trapped in a self activating engine that evolves and seeks decay
I’m chained in an office looking for chickpeas,
I want to wear the skin of animals, grow my beard and carry a cane
Allow my climbing of mountains be bare foot,
I have reached skies, spoken to clouds and claimed to calm thunder storms

I’ve seen nature and asked about the origin of rotten orange mangoes
and the reasons men go obese,
I am a curious fellow in search of white cats
I flow among birds and want to live in trees,
I’ve danced with fish and blew into air balloons,
I’ve thought about you chocking and swallowing rare eggplants,

I enjoy colors to the point it’s become extreme,
I’m obsessed with saturation and saturated streets,
I’ve been told the likes of heaven and the reason men die
I’m a wandering spirit of an irrational mind,
My existence dreams of insanity to tolerate

I want to watch the crashing of cursing ships on slow speeds
I am a mathematic gift to the genius
I’m able to enjoy acid, the smell of glue and the chewing of clay
To blow gently on vibrant flesh

To expose bathing humans to suns “strike thy pure purple ray”
Your heart will attack, and you ask for sympathetic fate?

I want to shiver and bite frosts on oval shaped cones
I’m not diseased I’m open to the rational and free
Submit to the subliminal I asked she
This is authenticity for the authentic
Let it be

It’s raining storms in my mind,
In a rain forest,
In a place among green leaves

In the mind of a yellow parrot
In a place I would rather be

Sabri Hakim is a 24 year old Jordanian working full time in advertising and freelances as a photographer. These photos were taken in August of 2007 for ‘I Magazine’. They are presented here in the form of a photo essay. You can see more of his work at

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