7iber In Jordan's Al-Syjjyl Newspaper

الأحد 11 تشرين الثاني 2007

Al-Syjjyl is a new Jordanians Arabic-language weekly newspaper. In its first issue, on Thursday 8th of November, 7iber was mentioned. Click image to enlarge and read in Arabic.

Translated text:

A group of Dot Com youth is seeking to overcome the invisible censorship barriers by publishing articles covering local news on 7iber.com, a website that was launched on Jordan’s Independence Day, the 25th of May this year.

Through this English-language website, the visitor can browse through a myriad of news articles, photos, and videos that haven’t found their way into the mainstream print and audio visual media.

This citizen journalism website, the first of its kind in English, provides space for articles and news unpublished by the local media.

7iber.com follows the concept of Amman Net radio, which introduced community journalism online before launching a parallel radio station.

The young people behind 7iber.com are two Jordanian bloggers; Naseem Tarawneh of Black Iris, and Lina Ejeilat of Into the Wind, as well as Ramzi Tesdell – a Palestinian American currently in the US.

The titles on this interactive website include “ATV; the Untelevised Revolution”, “Camp Fires, Return to the Baqaa Refugee Camp”, “Ramadan in the Camps”, “In the Presence of a Legend”, and “Developing Jordan’s Political Parties”.

The website also offers a window titled Election Watch, covering developments on the Parliamentary Elections process.

The website receives around 200 hits per day, and has received around 30,000 hits since its launch, mostly from outside Jordan, according to Lina Ejeilat.

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