7iber Workshop: Defining Blogging And Censorship Discussions

السبت 02 آب 2008

As we start our first session, we’ve introduced blogging and various blogging concepts, covering things like aggregators, bridge-blogs and platforms; highlighting things like Global Voices, iToot, Jordan Blogs, Technorati and other important sites.

Part two of the session has been mostly discussion-driven, orchestrated by a 7iber team-member, Mariam. We posed a few questions, the most of which we ourselves have no answers for, and we got a few interesting responses from the groups. A lot of the discussion centered on defining blogs and so we got everyone’s ideas down on the white board to find commonalities. The discussion inevitably lead to ideas of censorship and self-censorship in Jordan. I’ll try and go into detail a bit later as our next session (after the coffee break) is going to be about Jordanian media laws, ethics and censorship. Suffice to say, censorship, self-censorship and the fear factor that it involves, is such an important subject to the average young Jordanian. I should also point out the group today is pretty diverse, with many of these young people coming from places like Jabal il-Nathif.

More later.

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