Fix A Road, Destroy A Sidewalk

الأحد 17 آب 2008

Destroyed Steps
Destroyed Steps in Jabal Amman

JABAL AMMAN – A new blacktop road has been installed on Mango Street in Jabal Amman, the same street that houses Books@ Cafe and great views of East Amman. While most of the residents are pleased about the new road, some wonder why the new road had to come at the expense of the sidewalks.

One resident, Samia, who lives at the very end of Mango Street, was out cleaning up after the road workers. She was putting back together two stairs that had been crushed and rendered unusable and dangerous. The steps were left in a heap of rocks and debris, for anyone to fall and twist an ankle or worse.

The workers paved the street Wednesday – Friday night, and yet no one from the Municipality of Greater Amman had come by to fix this potential hazard by Saturday. Samia decided to take the matter into her own hands and clean up the mess before someone seriously injured themselves.

Listen to Samia discuss what the problem is.


Professionally done street paving in Amman
Professionally paved street and sidewalk in Jabal Amman

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