Live Blogging: Khobbeizeh Makes Movies

السبت 02 آب 2008

We thought it would be a neat idea to invite the one and only Mohammad Al-Qaq who is perhaps the most famous Jordanian blogger when it comes to video production. He is known mainly for his blog Khobbeizeh and the way that it has managed to really highlight alternative music and cultural events in Jordan. What’s great about Mohammad is that he doesn’t use anything advanced or complex; just his (very) small digital camera and Windows Movie Maker, which is great for someone like me who knows nothing about video production. Nevertheless, it’s something very unique about blogging, or rather, uhem, vlogging. It is another way of presenting information in a more creative and unique way. There’s a big difference between talking about a concert and reviewing it, or showing a clip of it from an audience-member’s point of view. There’s also a difference between reporting about a riot that took place on the streets of whosville, and getting a video of it on your phone or camera. The impact and perhaps attractiveness of the latter medium is much larger than your standard mainstream media reporting.

Mohammad, the grandfather of Jordanian vlogging, is telling us all just how to produce a video in the most simple of ways. I’m really excited by what you can do with such simple pieces of technology (be it hardware or software) and I honestly can’t wait to do something like this myself. Mohammad also has great stories as a vlogger. For example, at the recent Zade Dirani concert a few weeks ago, Khobbeizeh TV and the BBC were the only media allowed to videotape. Mohammad had to set up his tiny camera on top of a large tripod while the much larger BBC film crew looked on.

Mohammad has his own TV channel on dubbed Khobbiezeh TV

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