Live Blogging: The Creative Side Of Blogging

السبت 02 آب 2008

After a nice (and healthy) lunch, our third session was launched with Wael Atilli – arguably one of the most creative guys in Jordan and on the Jordanian blogosphere. Wael, who has been involved in the past couple of years with launching things like and watwet, is launching his own company, Kharabesh, that produces original creative content. So he was an obvious choice to introduce one of the greatest aspects of the Internet: its creative side. From Flickr and YouTube, to Ikbis, watwet, twitter, Facebook, and all that jazz. Wael also got into a few related issues based on what questions people here have asked him such as copyrighting creative content as well as the impact of hardware devices – such as the iPhone and Nokia N95 – and their integration with the online world. Putting all this together, the idea is to see how all these things have revolutionized not only blogging, but the way information is being presented; be it in the form of video or audio, an image or the written word. It’s no longer about simply writing an idea; now people can take a simple video with their phone and upload it for all to see, watch and comment on within a matter of minutes.

(an interesting video of the discussion is forthcoming)

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