Screening of “The Kite”, Sun. Sep. 21 @ 9 pm

الخميس 18 أيلول 2008

In tribute to the late Lebanese Director Randa Chahal-Sabbagh. The Royal Film Commission invites you to watch and discuss her last and most renowned film “The Kite

Subject: A screening of “The Kite”

Date: Sunday, 21st of September 2008.

Time: 9 p.m.

Location: The Royal Film Commission, Jebel Amman, 1st Circle, Omar Ibn Al-Khattab street.

“The Kite”

Randa Chahal-Sabbagh, 80 minutes, with English subtitles, Drama, 2003, Lebanon – France.

The events of the film take place in two Druze villages: one in Lebanon and the other in Israel.

Lamia at the age of 16 is married against her will to her cousin who lives, across the barbed-wire, in Israel. She leaves her village, her family, her past and her kite…Although very close, the borders that separate the two societies make them very different.

Through Lamia’s unhappy love story with her husband and impossible story with an Israeli soldier, the film addresses the issues of occupation, borders, culture, love and marriage.

“The Kite” won the 2003 Venice Film Festival’s Silver Lion Award for the Best Film.

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