Jordanians Respond to Gaza Attacks

الإثنين 29 كانون الأول 2008

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Words, Pictures, and Video by Ramsey Tesdell (unless noted)

7iber (Amman) – Jordanians around the Kingdom have been responding to the devastating attacks on Gaza by Israel in a variety of different ways. The attacks, which began on Saturday afternoon have continued to kill humans indiscriminately in Gaza. For the latest news updates, check here. Protests around the world have been organized and calls for peace have been sounded.

In Jordan, activists and ordinary Jordanians have responded in a variety of ways. Artists at Makan have decided to dedicate an opening of a workshop with an artistic response to the violence by Israel. Bloggers have responded by articulating opinions, feelings, and publishing political cartoons. 7iberDotCom and the Action Committee are hosting a food and clothing drive.

Protests broke out across the country today with more planned for today. Yesterday’s protest in Amman started at the Prime Minister’s office and ended at the Egyptian Embassy. Chats, signs, and marching in solidarity have all been featured in this protest marches.

Criticism of leadership across the Arab world has dominated discussion in recent days, as news of tacit permission given by Arab leaders who would like to see Hamas toppled. Egypt, specifically has come under increasing attack as Israeli leaders had met with Egyptian leadership just prior to the attacks.


A protest is planned in today in Shmesani and an ongoing blood drive are planned.


The protest in Shmesani grew and grew. Lots of work went into the posters that were held. Pictures and video are below.

As the protest in Shmesani was winding down, another protest, complete with a protest boat, fires, and camping tents weas kicking off near the Israeli embassy in Rabiah (across the street from Orange telecom – the open field). More singing and protesting took place there.

Many of the chants and songs dealt directly with economic and political issues facing Jordan and Palestine. Calls for the embassy to be removed, the ambassador recalled, and the peace agreement with Israel rejected were favorite chants of the group. Palestinian folks songs were also sung.

Protesters also offered the riot police water as activists from all walks of life gathered in the open field.

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