Come One, Come All, For Gaza, For Palestine

الثلاثاء 13 كانون الثاني 2009

Written By: Shalabieh

When the children of Gaza grow up they will ask “what did you do for us when the Israelis came?” Do you have an answer for them? I know I do!

The Donations campaign is still going strong and many many hands are needed. Come make a difference by sorting and packing donations at the ARAMEX Qastal warehouse.

With only 70 – 80 people last night helping we were able to pack 900 boxes and unload donations trucks from the UAE as well as load trucks heading to Gaza. Can you imaging how much more we could do if you came?

The organizers from Action Committee and ARAMEX are there everyday and never once have I heard them complain or moan about the task at hand. In fact they come with a smile, they are organized, supportive, and encouraging. Everyone pitches in one way or another. Everybody at the warehouse is there for a reason and that is to help. There is energy, commitment, and dedication from everyone that is so admirable. We are all strangers but we unite under one banner, our differences aside. We are men, women, and children too, old, young, Jordanians and foreigners. There is a place for everyone to help.

The crisis in Gaza is only getting worse and we can all afford to donate an evening to make the difference of life and death to our family in Gaza. Ask yourself from the warmth of your home, your belly full, your family around you, safe and secure, if this is what you want for Gaza?

We all make choices and these choices are what make a difference. So make the choice to come and help. Be proactive. Stop complaining and lamenting, stop crying out slogans and cussing the situation as you watch the news. Put your words into actions that the people in Gaza can hear. Make the choice to make a difference. Come help us in the warehouse!

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