Gaza is Bleeding: Suffer Little children, Suffer

الخميس 01 كانون الثاني 2009

Written by Rula Zein-Iddin

So much pain, so much anguish,
How can we just sit here and watch?

A child’s brains are blown away, literally no more head,
Yet we sit here calmly watching them bury the dead

My heart is aching with the futility of it all,
Who killed who, why, when & for what – if anything at all

Never ending circles of violence and conspiracy theories emerge,
But the bitter truth is that the oppressed remain submerged

Continuously knocked down every time they raise their heads
For how long can they continue rising from the dead?

Endless suffering, hunger, fear and dread
Do you wonder how they can ever go to bed?

What nightmares these poor children must suffer
Are they dreaming or are these even more bitter winds they must buffer?

We managed to lose our humanity along the way,
Whilst our neighbours’ lay bleeding come what may

With talk of “change” through Obama still in the air ,
The bombs shake the earth & add to the despair

Who is listening to the cries of pain? Who is heeding this mania?
No one. The Global Credit Crunch, Madoff & Madonna’s divorce captivate the media

So here we are, left with candle light vigils and donations
How proud are we to be part of this world of inhuman nations?

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