New 7iber Campaigns: How To Help Gaza!

السبت 10 كانون الثاني 2009

Activism With Aramex: During our 48-hour campaign, over 400 volunteers showed up throughout four days to help sort and package the donations that we received. Since then, many of you have been waiting for another opportunity to pitch in and do your part to help the people in Gaza once more.

Starting Sunday, January 11th, you can lend a hand at the Aramex warehouse where a great deal of donations need to be sorted and packaged. The warehouse, located in Al-Qastal (see map) will be open to volunteers between 4pm and 9pm10pm every single day until the job is done.

There are many donations arriving everyday so make sure to spread the word to your friends and family. Spend a few hours and help get these packages out to Gaza as soon as possible.

النشاط الخيري مع أرامكس:

خلال حملة ال 48 ساعة، أكثر من 400 متطوع هبوا للمساعدة في فرز وتعليب التبرعات التي جمعناها. منذ ذلك الحين، أصبح العديد منكم في انتظار فرصة أخرى للمشاركة ونجدة أهل غزة مرة أخرى.

بدءا من يوم الأحد، 11 يناير سيصبح بامكانك مد يد العون في الفرز والتعليب. مستودع أرامكس الواقع في القسطل(انظر الى الخريطة أعلاه) سيفتح للمتطوعين من الساعة الرابعة الى الساعة التاسعة مساء كل يوم الى أن ينتهي العمل. اقض بضع ساعات وساعدنا في ايصال المعونات الى غزة في أقرب وقت ممكن

UPDATE #15 [Tuesday, January 27th]:

Today, all our donations will begin leaving the warehouse as they get loaded on to trucks and moved to the Hashemite Charity Commission.

What’s left to pack are basically some blankets and clothes. So we need only around 50 volunteers who have their own transportation and are willing to spare some of their time tonight.

Thank you all for the hard work, and more updates will follow!

UPDATE #14 [Monday, January 26th]:

Today will likely be the last day to help out with the donations! So if you’ve got some time to spare for Gaza, get in a car and drive on over to the warehouse and help pack.

If you don’t have a car, today will also be the last day to get on a shuttle bus from the Modern American School at 3pm, 5pm and 7pm.

UPDATE #13 [Sunday, January 25th]:

The campaign will be ending in the next 48 hours or so, so today may be one of the last days to get out there and volunteer! If you’ve been following the news you’ve probably seen the difficulties that people in Gaza are facing with the rebuilding process. Not to mention it’s winter.

So get in a car with your friends and help us out at the Aramex Warehouse tonight!

A bus from the Modern American School will be available at 3pm, 5pm and 7pm today, but please note that only one bus is available at this point so space is definitely limited.

UPDATE #12 [Saturday, January 24th]:

Volunteers are STILL needed to help sort donations at the Aramex warehouse today, Saturday at 4PM.

We have basically finished the food, and are moving on to the blankets and clothes. If we have lots of people, we can finish quickly! Please join us as we are nearing completion!

If you need transportation, it is available at the Modern American School at 3pm – 5pm – 7pm. Please be on time. For more information, please call 0799756640.

Thank you for your continued support!

UPDATE #11 [Friday, January 23rd]:

Volunteers are STILL needed to help sort donations at the Aramex warehouse today, FRIDAY at 4PM.

We are getting close to finishing the food, and hope to be moving on to the clothes soon. I know we’ve said this the past few days, but we are getting closer!

If you need transportation, it is available at the Modern American School at 3pm – 5pm – 7pm. Please be on time. For more information, please call 0799756640.

Thank you for your continued support!

UPDATE #10 [Wednesday, January 21st]:

Volunteers are STILL needed to help sort donations at the Aramex warehouse today.

They are finishing up with the food donations today and starting to focus on all the clothes and fabrics sent.

If you need transportation, it is available at the Modern American School at 3pm – 5pm – 7pm. Please be on time.

Thanks everyone!

UPDATE #9 [Tuesday, January 20th]:

The campaign is winding down this week so fewer people are needed. There will be work to do today and we will be moving from goods to clothes.

For those of you wanting to come, buses will be available at the Modern American School at 3pm , 5pm and 7pm

I have to stress that people be there on time as there is limited seating. Yesterday, a great deal of people showed up and had to wait.

Lastly, I’d like to remind everyone that we need serious volunteers willing to work for the people of Gaza.

UPDATE #8 [Monday, January 19th]:

Volunteering at the Aramex warehouse will resume today at 5pm.

Those who need transportation there can hop on a bus at the Modern American School. Please note that the buses have been instructed to leave at 5pm and 7pm sharp.

Also, as these are the final days of volunteering we recommend that only those who are absolutely serious about the work come and help out. It is better to avoid bringing kids at this point as we are wrapping up and need to be quick and efficient.

Remember, Gaza still needs our help, now more than ever.

UPDATE #7 [Sunday, January 18th]:

TODAY the warehouse will be closed as the Hashemite Charity Commission is going to spend the day checking the packing.

Volunteering will resume tomorrow, Monday, January 19th 2009, as will the shuttle buses from the Modern American School.


UPDATE #6 [Friday, January 16th]:

Just a correction: the warehouse will be accepting volunteers starting at 3pm over the weekend. Also, the shuttle buses will start operating starting 3pm on Saturday.

اخر التطورات #6

تصحيح: سنبدأ باستقبال المتطوعين من الساعة 3:00 بعد الظهر يوم الجمعة و السبت. كما ستبدأ الحافلات بالتحرك ابتداء من الساعة 3:00 يوم السبت

UPDATE #5 [Transportation]: Starting Saturday, January 17th, the Modern American School in Swefieh has thankfully donated some of its buses for the cause. MAS is a well known location: it’s just after the seventh circle, as if you’re going towards the airport road, on the left side of the road.

So starting Saturday, if you want to come help us out, you can go to the Modern American School where a bus will be waiting.

Shuttle buses will operate every 2 HOURS starting at 3pm on Saturday. Those who are at the warehouse and wanting to come back can take the bus that drops off volunteers. The buses will run for a few days and we will update any changes.



3pm – 5pm – 7pm

Last bus leaving from the warehouse and going back to Amman will be at 9:30pm

اخر التطورات #5 (المواصلات): ابتداء من يوم السبت 1712009 قدمت المدرسة الأميركية الحديثة في الصويفية مجموعة من حافلاتها كجزء من دعمها للقضية. موقع المدرسة سهل جدا، بعد الدوار السابع على طريق المطار تجد امدرسة على يسارك.

ابتداء من يوم السبت اذا أردت تقديم للمساعدة و لم تكن لديك وسيلة تنقل. تستطيع التوجه الى المدرسة وركوب الحافلة من هناك للذهاب الى المستودع.

ستتحرك الحافلات كل ساعتين ابتداء من الساعة 1:00 يوم السبت. سنقوم بإعلان أية تغييرات على الموقع.

البرنامج: الساعة 3- الساعة 5 – الساعة 7- الساعة 9

UPDATE #4 [Thursday, January 15th]: For the weekend, the Aramex warehouse will be open for volunteers starting at 1pm 3pm till 10pm, for those of you who want to go earlier.

UPDATE #3 [Wednesday, January 14th]: Last night, we had well over 200 volunteers showing up, packing around 1,500 boxes worth of donations. We’re getting calls and emails from people are simply tired of watching the ugly images on the news and are looking for a way to put their energy to good use – some emotional release.

So thanks to those who came last night and the nights before. But there is still a long way to go, so if you haven’t joined us yet, please do!

Today, Thursday the 15th, we’ll be needing people to come as early as possible (the 4pm start time) so we can get a head start on the weekend.

As for working through the weekend, it is very likely we will be but do check back here later today to make sure!

Here’s some multimedia from the night:

UPDATE #2: On Monday night we had around 60 or more volunteers who managed to pack hundreds of packages in about 5 hour. But we still need more and more people to come help us out! So again, it’s between 4pm and 10pm (come no later than 8:30pm).

Dress warmly. Print out the map and follow it to the tooth. You should have no problem.

If you’re a student, tell your peers, and if you’re an employee, circulate an internal email to get your whole company going!


أخر التطورات # 2

يوم الإثنين اتى أكثر من 60 متطوع. في غضون خمس ساعات استطعنا تعبئة ما لا يقل عن 700 صندوق. كل صندوق يحتوي على اساسيات تكفي عائلة لمدة أسبوع كامل. و لكن لا زلنا نحتاج الى متطوعين ليساعدوننا. لذا مرة اخرى من الساعة 4-10 (نصيحة أن لا تاتوا بعد الساعة الثامنة و النصف)

البسوا ملابس دافئة. اطبعوا الخريطة و اتبعوها.

اذا كنت طالبا، اخبر كل اصدقاءك. و اذا كنت موظفا، ابعث ايميل لكل الموظفين في شركتك

يالا يا شباب

UPDATE #1: The times have been changed to 4pm-10pm. But we recommend you be there before 8pm as we start cleaning up for the night at around 9pm.

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The Medical Campaign: Building on our successful 48-hour, food and clothes campaign, 7iber has decided to focus its energies on raising funds for much-needed medical supplies for Gaza, based on cooperating with people in the field. We have already raised over 15,000JDs but our goal is to double this figure in order to purchase expensive equipment, including kidney dialysis machines. At the moment, we need around 6000JDs to buy a machine by Thursday the 14th of January 2008.

With this in mind, 7iber is proud to work in cooperation with the Jordan River Foundation (JRF) for this purpose. Simply make a cash donation to any of the several JRF locations or the account number listed below. Please make sure the donation is an envelope marked “7iber” so that everyone knows what this money is going towards, and include your name if you like.

Make sure to pass this on and encourage friends and family to donate. If our Facebook group alone all chips in just 10 or 15JDs each, we will be able to buy a dialysis machine and send it by Thursday!

Account Information:
Jordan Kuwait Bank

Main branch
Account number: 0252318087
Account name: Jordan River Foundation/ Gaza campaign
Swift Code: JKBAJOAM

– Jordan River Foundation main office– Abdoun office (open daily from 9 am till 6 pm including holidays)

– Jordan River Foundation showroom – 1st circle Jabal Amman (open daily from 9 am till 7 pm including holidays)

– Jordan River Foundation booth at Cozmo

UPDATE #1: We’ve collected a total of 20,000JDs so far. A lot of the equipment, including an expensive dialysis machine, are already on their way to Gaza.

Anyone watching the news lately knows just how much these supplies are urgently needed!

Contact Information: For any further inquiries please email us at [email protected]

You can also call 7iber at 0799756640 between 10am and 10pm everyday


الحملة الطبية:

بناء على نجاح حملة الغذاء والملابس التي قمنا بها وتم الاعلان عنها خلال 48 ساعة فقط، قررت حبر أن تقوم بحملة مماثلة لجمع التبرعات لشراء متطلبات ومعدات طبية في غاية الأهمية، غزة في أمس الحاجة الى الدواء والمستلزمات الطبية في الوقت الراهن. تعاوننا مع جهات أخرى وقمنا بجمع أكثر من 15000 دينار حتى الآن ولكن هدفنا هو مضاعفة هذا المبلغ لشراء معدات تحليل كبد وغيرها. في هذه اللحظة، نسعى لجمع 6000 دينار لنتمكن من شراء آلة واحدة حتى يوم الخميس الموافق 14 يناير.

و يسر حبر أن تتعاون في هذا الصدد من مؤسسة نهر الأردن. ببساطة، تبرع بأي مبلغ مالي وقم بارسالة الى أي من مواقع المؤسسة أو اتصل بالرقم المبين في الأسفل. الرجاء كتابة “حبر” على المغلف حتى يتمكن الجميع من معرفة جهة التبرع، و بامكان المتبرع ذكر اسمه ان أراد على نفس المغلف.

لا تنس أن تخبر الجميع عن الحملة وحث الأصدقاء والعائلة على التبرع. اذا قامت مجموعتك على ال facebook وحدها بالتبرع، على اعتبار أن كل شخص سيدفع 10 أو 15 دينار فقط سيصبح بامكاننا شراء آلة تحليل الكبد يوم الخميس!

تفاصيل الحساب:
البنك الأردني الكويتي
الفرع الرئيسي
حساب رقم: 0252318087
اسم الحساب: مؤسسة نهر الأردن حملة غزة
الرمز السريع:

المكتب الرئيسي – مؤسسة نهر الأردن: عبدون (كل يوم حتى أيام العطل من ال 9 صباحا حتى السادسة مساء)
معرض المؤسسة: الدوار الأول (كل يوم حتى أيام العطل من 9 صباحا حتى ال 7 مساء)
منصة مؤسسة نهر الأردن في كوزمو

اتصل بنا:

لمزيد من المعلومات أو للاستفسار، الرجاء مراسلتنا على [email protected]
يمكنك أيضا الاتصال على 0799756640 من ال 10 صباحا حتى ال 10 مساء

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