The Resistance Lives On

الأربعاء 07 كانون الثاني 2009

Written By: Farah Mehdawi

Recently many have been wondering about what sort of role Hamas is leading, as it has led to what is going on now. However, before we start blaming Hamas let us just review some of the most eminent events, that happened in the last two years.

After Israel was defeated in its war of Lebanon, Israel lost its image as imposing force in the area, which coincided with many other events, such as the liberation of Gaza and electing Hamas by the Palestinian people to govern them.

How Israel is going to make use of what happened, well first they will have to punish people for their option for electing Hamas, because certainly Israel cannot negotiate with terrorists. Second, after the evacuation of Gaza from all settlers and destroying all settlements, Palestinians will be locked up inside the Gaza strip with Israel controlling part of the crossings and Egypt controlling the Rafah Crossing, thus people become human shields, and all subjects become targets.

Third, Hezbollah seemed to have taught the Israeli army a lesson in courage, resistance and fighting tell last breath, while the Israeli soldiers hide under their helmets, Merkavas and their F 16. Israel has lost its fight against what they call Islamic fundamentalism and has proven to all of those betting on America and Israel to get rid of the resistance.

Those who were betting on the loss of the resistance like Al-Hariri, Junblat, and all the 14th of March team hid themselves through the Israeli strikes , and the only face we have seen during the 33 days of war was the Hassan Nasralla’s face injecting life in people and encouraging the resistance.
Hamas now is typically in the same place where Hezbollah was. Hamas being elected by the people is the legitimate leader for the Palestinians, which didn’t meet the approval of Fatah and the PA officials like the Palestinian president, along with other Arab parties who sought to get rid of Hamas but didn’t know how. That also coincided with somebody else’s wish, Israel.

Trying to take advantage of the financial crisis, and the absence of a real American president, Israel thought in their alleged war against Hamas they would destroy them; restore the Israeli pride after their defeat in Lebanon. Certainly, at some point Hezbollah will be provoked to strike back, because they will not stand watching people murdered in such manner, and let the wishes of the corrupted leaders in PA, and other Arab parties come true.

Egypt supposedly is playing the peacemaker role, as Egyptian government have been trying “tirelessly” to make the negotiations between PA and Hamas work, but alas Hamas is always the evil one who don’t care about peace and doesn’t follow any guidelines to save people or the future of the area “all of course can somehow go under the Israeli conditions for settlement”.

The settlement is over, and the Egyptian Foreign minister takes the initiative of holding a conference with Mrs. Levni and she forcefully expresses the wish of eliminating Hamas and creating a new reality in Gaza, all said with Abo-Al’3et shaking his head in approval. One day after and massacres are filling Gaza, civilians of all ages are targeted, tons of explosives are thrown over the strip and the whole world is watching the misery live.

In view of the forgoing, I do not think that Hamas stands in the position of the culprit, especially that the strikes on Gaza keep were mostly hitting civilians and not from Hamas. Second, Palestinians are always mentally connected with the image of the stones throwers the fighters and valiant woman defending their country and confronting fearlessly the Israeli machine of destruction.

Finally, since when did Israel exactly care who to target or not? And since when did their promises of avoiding hitting civilians ring true? So instead of blaming Hamas, try to blame those who choose to side line with the democracy of hypocrisy and those who betrayed their own people.

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