Why I'm Against Annuling the Treaty With Israel

السبت 03 كانون الثاني 2009

Disclaimer: Before making a comment, bear in mind that I am an avid supporter of the Palestinian cause. I have not been “washed away” by Israeli propaganda nor can I begin to explain my fury and frustration at what is going on in Gaza right now.

Written By Farah Nimri

I was reluctant to speak about this at first, because of all the vicious fights that I’ve observed around the blogosphere whenever this subject is discussed. But I’m putting my opinion out there so people can see the other side of the equation. The other opinion, that everybody I’ve met seems to be terrified to disclose.
I am very much against the annulment of the Jordanian-Israeli peace treaty, the closure of the Israeli embassy or the expulsion of the ambassador, and I cannot see what good it could possibly achieve or contribute in ending the massacre the Palestinians are currently facing.

Here’s the thing. I understand the feelings of frustration and anger, I really do. I understand the feeling of helplessness that takes over you as you see the lives of over 400 people – 400 human beings just like you and me – being taken away in a place not so far from what we call home. I understand how the Arab nation feels like something has to be done, something needs to be done, so that we stop feeling so inferior to the rest of the world, to do something after being persecuted for so many years. I understand that it was OUR land to begin with, and that the Israelis were the ones who came here and unrightfully took over what’s not theirs. I understand all of that.

But here’s what I also understand. This dreaded treaty between us and the Israelis, the treaty that protests have been calling to annul for at least three times (that I can remember), is what’s preventing the Israelis from starting a war with us. I honestly don’t understand those who want to go into “war” and start a “jihad” against the Israelis. We are a country of 5 million, we have very few resources, and to put it simply and clearly, there’s no way in hell we can win a war against Israel. The reason Jordan has remained quite a safe country (considering the fact that we live in a war zone), is not exactly a miracle. It’s because we’ve accepted the presence of the Jewish nation as a fact and let’s face it, it’s not going to go away anytime soon, and if you think otherwise, you are either impacted by your emotions, or grossly overestimate the abilities of the very country you’re criticizing.

And this is why I can’t support the riots that have been breaking out all over the place. I couldn’t be more angry about what’s happening, but I frankly think you’re a hypocrite if you tell me you’re willing to sacrifice your freedom and safety to go into a battle, to go into a war, that you KNOW there’s no way you can win. I like the fact that I live in a safe, secure country, where I can go about my daily life without fear of having my house brought down over my head.
This doesn’t mean we’ve given up. I’m not giving up. I make my voice heard to let the people around the world, who aren’t being told the whole story, know that a massacre is taking place. There are other ways we can fight this war, and sacrificing this country is not one of them. We’ve done that once before and lost. We’d just be hitting the self-destruct button.

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