Ibraheem Khorma's Exhibition at Bluefig – معرض الفنان إبراهيم خرمة

الخميس 26 شباط 2009


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orn on the 25th of May 1983 in Irbid, Ibraheem Khorma is an up and coming young artist of Palestinian origin. He attended various UNRWA schools in several Palestinian Refugee camps which gave him a first hand experience of the reality and suffering of his people. He later graduated with a BA in Graphic Design from the Philadelphia University in 2006, starting a new chapter in his artistic journey. Ibraheem’s talent and ambitions were never limited to canvas; he also designed and executed many play and movie sets, both local and international, as well as parttaking in several group exhibitions.

This exhibition in particular deals with the human figure and its’ interactions with the other and their surroundings where space is presented in the form of a collage of geometrical entities brought to life through the bold and well mastered use of colour. In the pieces present here, the figures’ relationships are not merely representational as they seem to exist as reflections of one another at times and in parallel dimensions at others or even as inhabitants of fundamentally separate universes brought together by the intuitive skills Ibraheem possesses.

The use of colour in this exhibition resembles a state of expressionist sincerity that reveals a dynamic form of energy which in turn highlights the aforementioned artwork.

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