Gender Equality Movement Launching Event

الخميس 23 نيسان 2009

Location: Al-Hussein Parks
City/Town: Amman, Jordan

Email: [email protected]; [email protected]

Gender Equality Movement (GEM) was created as part of a homegrown initiative by a group of young Jordanians who are committed to the idea of justice and equality for the women and men of Jordan. The main purpose of GEM is to educate the public in Jordan about women’s rights and to mobilize the community to take action to address this human rights issue in Jordan. The main component of GEM is to provide a channel for dialogue for people to discuss this issue in Jordan. The foundation of this new channel is to target all aspects of Jordanian society, taking the issue of gender equality outside the walls of conferences, workshops and offices. This channel is being opened by the young campaigners, using the logo that they created. The logo of GEM illustrates the wishes, hopes and ambitions of the young Jordanian campaigners. It is a symbol that represents the rights, duties, and dreams for us all, pink for women, blue for men.

Come and join us on Saturday April 25th 2009 at the Gender Equality Movement launch at Al-Hussein Parks, where several civil society organizations will attend to introduce their work. The event will include plays, shows, face painting in addition to the live performance of the
Arabic Rock Band
who will perform live directly to your souls, we will also fire it up with
all day long from 10:00 am to 7:30 pm!

This Event is Open so get ready and show up!

Don’t forget to come celebrate with us Gender Equality, Youth Jordanian Style!

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