The Curious Incident Of King Abdullah's Dog In Israel

الثلاثاء 07 نيسان 2009

7iber – On March 29th, Israel’s popular newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth, published a story about HM King Abdullah’s dog having died in an Israeli hospital after being sent there for treatment during Israel’s recent war on Gaza. The report states after multiple attempts, the dog passed away and was returned to Jordan with an apology note.

At first glance, the story may strike readers as a bit suspicious if not outright fishy given the fact that Yedioth Ahronoth has been known to be a bit tabloidish, as well as the fact that the Beit Dagan veterinary hospital where the dog was supposedly treated, refused to comment on the report.

While the story was yet to be given any attention from the local Jordanian media (an unlikely event), it was not immune to exposure on the Internet. The comments section of Yedioth Ahronoth’s is one clear example of the extent to which the report was read by Jordanians.

Out of journalistic curiosity, 7iber managed to investigate the story further through various local channels these past few days, in an attempt to find out the extent to which it was true. Upon inquiries that included calls to the veterinary hospital, it was discovered that this story never took place, leading eventually to a public retraction of the story as published on Ynet.

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