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الأربعاء 29 نيسان 2009


We find it very common to see a large proportion of inhabitants in London, New York and other major Western world cities frantically reading away whatever reading material they’d laid their hands on while in transport from A to B, whether in the train, bus or other moving vehicle.

While waiting at the traffic light just after the mini roundabout by Cafe Donner in Rabieh, this taxi driver was reading the morning paper. “Inspiring” and “Impressive” were the words that immediately came to mind. Instead of dangerously racing the Jordanian streets, let’s have a reading contest race. I’m confident this taxi driver would be among the finalists if not the gold medallist.

It seems that Rana Dajani’s efforts with children (See “Become a Trainer For We Love Reading“) has been contagious to adults.

و كل عام و نحن قارئون ليلا و نهار


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