Zakharef in Motion – Dance Festival

الأربعاء 22 نيسان 2009

Location: Al Hussein Cultural Center – Ras AlEin
City/Town: Amman, Jordan

Phone: 962777208033
Email: [email protected]
Dozan Wa Awtar & ZAKHAREF
will be organizing its 3rd annual dance festival “Zakharef in Motion” Arabesque in Motion

“Zakharef in Motion” is an annual dance encounter of local, regional and international dance performances and workshops that was launched in Amman, Jordan in April 2007 by Haya Cultural Center, and lately became independent under Dozan Wa Awtar Establishment and ZAKHAREF.

The festival is done in collaboration with many cultural aims at introducing outstanding dance performances, international creative choreographers, and new talents thus creating an interactive cultural space between local, regional and international artists that will help in the creation of a contemporary dance scene in Jordan.

The 2008 festival successfully combined 9 dance companies from all over the world. A total number of six thousand people attended the festival performances.

All performances and workshops are offered to the audience free of charge.

Participating Companies/Performance dates 2009:

April 23- Zakharef – Hip Hop (Jordan)
April 25 – Cie Chatha (Tunisia)
April 26 – Samir Akika Renegade Theatre (Germany)
April 27- Centro Coreografico Galego – (Spain)
April 28 – Cie Damien Jalet in collaboration with Sidi Larbi Sherkaoui (Belgium)
April 29- City Dance Ensemble from Washington, (USA)
April 30- Perpetuum Dance Company (Serbia)
May 2- Wanted Posse (France)
May 3- Ghazal (Lebanon)

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