Interview With Fadi Ghandour- CEO Of Aramex

الخميس 14 أيار 2009
In the past four days, British Council Global Changemakers from all over the region have been undergoing a training workshop to prepare for their participation at the World Economic Forum (WEF). The 7iber team has been there along the way to guide them on using new media technology to become citizen journalists rather than just passive youth participants at a big regional forum.

Armed with Flip cameras, Global Changemakers have been practicing their interviewing skills on every speaker that has come to help them prepare for the WEF.

First up is CEO of Aramex, Fadi Ghandour as interviewed by Al Muhannad AlHammadi from Qatar & Ibrahim Muthana from Yemen.

“Companies are a part and parcel of the socities they work in and the government has a role in bringing them in to be apart of the process of sustainability.” – Fadi Ghandour


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