The Third Spaces Of Amman

الثلاثاء 19 أيار 2009

For most of us, our lives are dominated by two essential spaces: home and the workplace. However, between the familiarity of our offices and homes there exists a third-space; a space where we come together in the public sphere; a space where we hang out; a space that is neither our home or at work.

In Amman, many of these spaces are either public places such as parks or cafes, or have evolved naturally over time such as the various streets of the capital.

Photographer and Blogger, Laith Majali, took a series of extraordinary pictures depicting some of Amman’s most common “third spaces” (seen above). From the football stadium and the steps of the Roman amphitheater, to bus stops, playgrounds, turkish baths, the Abdali market and the vegetable souk of the balad. Laith’s photos are a brief exploration of the places we inhibit in Amman.

So, where are your third spaces?

Where do you hang out when you’re not at home or work?

Where do you see people coming together, be it in small or large groups?

What strange nooks have you seen evolve naturally by the mere will of the people wanting to engage in those specific spaces?

Tell us about your third spaces!

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