World economic forum, YOU are the crisis

السبت 16 أيار 2009


Reading on the World Economic Forum on the Middle East Agenda for 2009, the title of the main vertical “Overcoming the crisis, Restoring Growth” reflects how decision makers, partnering paying companies, influential political and economical figures members of the forum view the continuing years of poverty, corruption and empowering the capital against people masses rights our country, region and the world have been witnessing; Their threatened to fade “growth”.

With raising analysis and forecasts on how the crisis is yet happening, its affects and impacts are yet to be felt and measured as the readings for the credit crisis from all objecting voices from capitalist theorists and economists suggests, with their reservations on not taking the enough corrective measures to stop the crisis, comes the WEF this year to take advantage of us once again passing illusions on overcoming a crisis before it starts and claiming hopes to restore a growth we never had.

Up since the world economic forum was established, global voices screaming against the forum initiation and planning for enforcing “free trade” policies, agreements, published and back staged strategies for corporate benefits have been warning from a crisis with yet to come worst impact and devastating affects, yet here we come again to face the same people who are causing this world crisis to discuss how to over come it!!

Beside the many correlated question marks around the World Economic forum establishment reasons, membership’s nature and results, political affiliations and secretly planned openly practiced agendas’, “Laa2” Jordan is not for rich only Campaign, raises its voice along with all protesters and activists around the globe refusing to see those causing the crisis, gathering in fancy hotels, talking from their high ranking positions, in closed from the people areas to discuss restoring their threatened to get lower profit rate on the expenses of this world inhabitants while poverty rates in this world and hungry struggling citizens all over the globe barely passing the day not knowing there is a crisis that is taking from them what they don’t any way have.

This forum alliance between capital business men and political controlling power correlate to facilitate politics in favor and support of those causing the crisis needs and investments encouragement requirements; more bashing for freedom of speech, against political empowerment for citizens so they dare not object against the forum, or any other resulting or related economical life affecting policies.

Protesting and refusing the various negative impacts of the world economic forum has been a global activity that provided parallel conferences where many political parties, economists and active organizations provide the alternative to a more fair and productive economical solutions, agreements and strategies, guaranteeing a well distribution to the world resources and productive development plans with out affecting peoples rights and with protecting nature and environment.

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