Aziz Maraka & Razz @ SOUK JARA Theater

الإثنين 01 حزيران 2009

Location: Jabal Amman 1st Circle
Street: Fawzi M’louf St. *Rainbow Street
City/Town: Amman, Jordan

Phone: 0795562498
Email: [email protected]

After a long awaited public appearance, Aziz Maraka and Razz have prepared a great show for you.

Aziz Maraka and Razz will be performing new unreleased singles in addition to all the great songs that you love.

After further additions to the band members and newest musical arrangements, we are looking forward and very excited for this show.

We hope to see all our fans there.. CANT WAIT!!!

Ticket price : 2 Jds Sold Only @ the Doors

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