7iber Cards: Vote For Your Favorite!

الأربعاء 01 تموز 2009

The first phase of our 7iber Card contest has come to a close but the fun is just beginning! With dozens and dozens of submissions sent in by Jordanians from all walks of life throughout the past month, today, July 1st, the voting starts to choose the best ten that will be featured on postcards we’re going to spread all over the place come August.

7iber has teamed up with the good people of Ikbis to create a unique voting system. To vote, all you have to do is sign in (or up) to an Ikbis account and go to: www.ikbis.com/contests/7ibercard

Every Ikbis user can only vote once so tell your friends and spread the word!

Voting ends in 10 days!

As mentioned at the launch of the contest, any proceeds collected through the sale of these postcards will go towards upcoming community projects. Every postcard will feature a winning photo from the top 10, including the photographers name.

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