Enough Is Enough

الخميس 10 أيلول 2009

Photo Courtesy of: www.martlet.ca

Photo Courtesy of: www.martlet.ca

Written by RS

There are a lot of traffic issues in Jordan, and most are not uncommon in big cities around the world. But, there is one major difference that drags Amman – a bustling modern city – back to the Stone Age. One single issue that really screams out that Jordanians are uncultured, illiterate, unsophisticated, very, very, dirty and highly uncivilized. Black smoke bellowing from public cars, government cars, private cars, vans and trucks.

Really? In the 21st century? Really? At a time when we are building high rises and new airport terminals?

I mean come on.

Anyone with half a brain knows how bad it is to your health. If you don’t, try standing behind one of these cars and take a few deep breaths. I’m sure you’ll love it.

I can’t tell you how angry I am at officials not caring about this simple, straight forward problem. Before building bridges, tunnels, putting up decorations for celebrations or even talking of political reform, I would think this is way more urgent and important. It is like Jordanians are building a beautiful house, garden and all, but oh wait, the sewer pipes release waste right on the door step.

Bravo Jordan. We can go nowhere if this overt and disgusting problem isn’t resolved with an iron fist and immediately. This problem could be tackled in a week with the right attention. What are we waiting for?

Believe you me, I will not stop writing about this issue until I stop coming across such cars, so please fix the problem, or keep such cars off the roads.

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