Necropolis Metropolis: Dubai

السبت 14 تشرين الثاني 2009


Written by Nader Gammas, Interruptions
(Previously published in Interruptions Banana Edition)
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Build it, and will they come? Call me a pessimist, but I don’t think Dubai will last too long. I quote Metallica to describe the utopian city: “The brightest flame burns quickest.” Everyone calls it growth, some call it ‘architectural masturbation: a self-indulged ejaculation of unnecessary waste of energy and material.’ Urbanization of this stature can be achieved with commercially available computer software and imagination, and oh yes, money.

I’m not trying to be hip by going against the norm, but somethings don’t deserve excessive affection. Somehow we’ve been blinded by the glamour of its prosperity, the money, the architecture, and the image it’s trying to create. Cause that’s exactly what Dubai is, an image, like a mirage in the desert. A biblical Arab city. Hoards of mistreated slaves build a city, while greedy Arabs lay full watching naked dancers. Absurd luxuries reminiscent of past societies that once dwelt in t he Arabian deserts. While Ancient Egypt built a stairway to the heavens, Tamed with their rock craved homes, and Babylon with its Hanging Gardens, The Palms is the new world tribute to excessive display of wealth through architectural monuments. Haven’t we learned from these perished nations, or are we immune to the rise and fall of civilizations since how Nietzsche puts it, ‘God is Dead?’

Sand is now being cooled. Sand is now being cooled. Pipes filled with coolant will be installed beneath the Palazzo Versace beach to prevent it from stinging anyone’s toes. Awww. This means that at some point someone said, “Damn you hot sand! In retribution, I shall cool you!” Humans have witnessed The Prophets, The Roman Empire, massive genocides, nuclear fission, and George W. Bush. Now it’s gone too far. It is time to pamper our toes, for they have been through enough.

But the question is, can I go skiing in the middle of the desert? Sure. How about shop and look at sharks? Why not. These activities do excite the senses. It also offers a good reason not to travel abroad for those in the region with cost restrictions or visa issues. Where does Dubai Authority intend to find millions of filthy rich people to keep the city running? Rumor has it they are planning a human embryo farm. In conclusion, gated condo/mega-mall/golf course/designer food, preferably on an artificial island lifestyle can be yours if you can afford it.