Events in Amman, August 15 – 21

الأحد 15 آب 2010

The city’s rhythm sure changes during Ramadan, and the cultural agenda clears space for the special festivities and rituals of the month, but art, music, and culture by no means come to a halt. It’s just not as easy for us to track every venue that has a special show or live band on for Iftar or Suhour, so we ask you to help us out and drop us a line if you know of something you think we should add.

You can do something completely different this month and take up cycling, as different groups are organizing special Ramadan cycling trips and activities. Check out more info below.

Musician Salam Homoud

There’s also some good local talent on this week; check out Tareq Abu Kwaik – El Far3i, playing his guitar and singing his own lyrics, twice a week during Ramadan at JAMM in Jabal Amman, which also hosts guitarist Salam Hmoud and pianist Lorenzo Razzouq for a gig tomorrow night.

On Friday, the Jordan Festival is featuring Salam Band, Macadi Nahhas, and Shu Hal Ayyam, and on Wednesday, Dozan wa Awtar are hosting an Iftar at Action Target followed by a musical quiz night.

Nabad Gallery has an interesting group exhibition titled Cities and Villages of Jordan, by ten Jordanian artists, the first three of whom are professional architects: Saba Innab, Ammar Khammash, Ali Maher, Hani Alqam, Clara Amado, Riham Ghassib, Omar Hamdan Shahuan, Salam Kanaan, Issam Tantawi and Ala’ Younis. Zara Gallery features the work of Jordanian artist Samar Haddadin, and the National Gallery of Fine Arts hosts the exhibition “Open City: Refuge Urbanism” until August 18th.

Sunday August 15, 2010

Cycling Night organized by Tareef Biking and Hiking, Dabouq, 9:00 pm. Helmets and bikes are provided. For more info you can call Nader 0799142273 / 0776426625, Raslan 0796919160 or Firas (English/Russian) 079 60 8 99 87.

Monday August 16, 2010

Salam Hmoud (Guitar) and Lorenzo Razzouq (Piano), at JAMM/Jabal Amman, 9:30 pm. For more information: 0795877970.

Tuesday August 17, 2010

Cycling trip followed by Iftar in Madaba, organized by Cycling Jordan. 4:30 – 10:30 pm. For more info or reservation please call 0785552525

Wednesday August 18, 2010

Dozan wa Awtar, Iftar followed by musical quiz night, at Action Target, 7:15 pm. Ticket price JD 23, For more information 0796133300

El Far3i, Live Music at JAMM/Jabal Amman, 9:30 pm.  For more information: 0795877970.

Tareq Abu Kwaik - el Far3i

Friday August 20, 2010

A Jordanian night featuring: Makadi Nahhas, Salam Band and Shoo Hal Ayyam Band, Jabal Al Qal’a (Citadel), 10:00pm. For reservations:

Shu Hal Ayyam

Saturday August 21, 2010

El Far3i, Live Music at JAMM/Jabal Amman, 9:30 pm.  For more information: 0795877970.

Ongoing Exhibitions

Collective Featuring Samar Haddadin, Zara Gallery

Open City: Refuge Urbanism, National Gallery of Fine Arts, until August 18

Cities and Villages of Jordan, Nabad Gallery

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