Events in Amman, September 5 – 8

الأحد 05 أيلول 2010

It’s the last week of Ramadan, and it’s probably fair to say that while the agenda got smaller, there was more happening in terms of arts and culture this year than previous Ramadans.

As we share this week’s calendar, we want to hear from you: how did you spend your evenings this Ramadan? What were your favorite places to hang out? Did you spend more time at home? Let us know.

As for this week’s events; this month’s version of Amman Tech Tuesdays will be a small Ramadan gathering over qatayef to discuss the future of Amman TT and how it can better serve the technology eco-system. Turtle Green is again hosting a Hussam Abed for a puppet show and storytelling from Palestine Folklore.

You also have the chance to enjoy a fun biking exercise in Dabouq Monday night with the Bike Rush team, and a number of live gigs in cafes around town.

Enjoy your last week of Ramadan, and Eid Mubarak from the 7iber team.

Sunday September 5, 2010

Theater: Misha’ Remains Alive, written and directed by Abdel Karim Jarrah, at the Arts and Theater Directorate/Jabal Luweibdeh, 9:00 pm.

Ongoing Exhibitions
Cities and Villages of Jordan, Nabad Art Gallery, until September 8th.
Memories of Love and War by Ghadeer Saeed, Jacaranda Images, until September 30th
Serenity, Gallery 14-Jabal Amman, until October 4th.

Monday September 6, 2010

Ahmad farah Folk night, at Zest Cafe/Abdoun, 9:30 pm. For reservations call 079 6336505

Concert by Al-Ghad star Ahmad Hamad, at Suite29, 9:00 pm. For info and reservations call 0796000999

Cycling Night, Meeting at Dabouq Circle (Gas station). 9:00 pm. Call Hussam for reservations 0799454586

Tuesday September 7, 2010

Autostrad live at Teatro, 10:00 pm.

Storyteller and Puppet Show, Turtle Green Tea Bar/Rainbow Street, 9:30 pm. For info call 07888812378

Amman Tech Tuesdays: Ramadan Edition, location TBA (check facebook for details), 9:30 pm.

Wednesday September 8, 2010

El Far3i/Tareq Abu Kwaik performing live at JAMM/Jabal Amman, 10:00 pm. For more information: 0795877970.

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