Events in Amman, January 16 – 21

الأحد 16 كانون الثاني 2011

This week, don’t miss the screening of Mahmoud Al-Massad’s documentary “This is My Picture When I was Dead,” which premiered at the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam in 2010 and then won the Muhr Award for best documentary at the Dubai International Film Festival. It’s Al-Massad’s third feature-length documentary, and his previous documentary “Recycle” was awarded at the San Sebastian International Film Festival and Sundance Film Festival in 2008.

The Festival of Alternative Arts continues with a street labs evening that includes a film screening, music, and poetry, and a documentary screening on Thursday of “To Shoot an Elephant”, an eye witness account of the war on Gaza.

Amman Symphony Orchestra

As part of 7iber’s residency at Makan, we’re inviting you to “Blog On”, where we’re showcasing examples of how blogging plays a role in the lives of Egyptian, Moroccan, Jordanian, Lebanese, Saudi, Bahrini, Palestinian and Danish women, followed by a discussion with blog lovers and alternative art fans on the state of the blogosphere and creative digital expression in Jordan and the Arab World.

You have lots of live music this week; an evening of Beethoven from the Amman Symphony Orchestra, Oldies night and Jazz/Funk night at Canvas, French favorites performed by Jean-Claude Elias, and Arab classics performed by Bayt al-Ruwwad. And there’s more, so read on, and enjoy.

7iber’s calendar is compiled in collaboration with Waw al-Balad Magazine.

Sunday January 16, 2011

Street labs evening (Film screening, Music and Poetry)  a part of Festival of Alternative Arts, Books@café-Jabal Amman, 7:00pm

Book of the Week, presentation and discussion, Department of the National Library, 6:00 pm.

Oldies Night, with Katya and the Amman Jazz Band,
at Canvas/Jabal Luweibdeh, 9:00 pm. For reservations call 06 4632211

Monday January 17, 2011

Lecture: Arab Woman & Decision Making: A Model from Saudi Arabia, by Assistant Secretary General of the Arab Thought Foundation, Dr. Munira Al-Nahidh, Abdel Hamid Shoman Foundation, 6:30 pm.

Screening of the Jordanian film “This is My Picture When I Was Dead”
, followed by a discussion with the director, Mahmoud al-Massad, at the Royal Cultural Center, 7:00 pm

Tuesday January 18, 2011

Screening of the Jordanian film “This is My Picture When I Was Dead”, followed by a discussion with the director, Mahmoud al-Massad, at the Royal Cultural Center, 7:00 pm

Jazz Night, Yacoub Abu Ghosh and the Stage Heroes, Canvas/Jabal Luweibdeh, 9:00pm. For reservations call 06 4632211.

Music: Partition Libre, a new musical cycle by the French Cultural Center, this month featuring Jean-Claude Elias, at the French Cultural Center/Jabal Luweibdeh, 7:30 pm.

Film: Basra (Egypt), Director: Ahmad Rashwan, Abdel Hamid Shoman Foundation, 7:00 pm.

Film: We Can Do That (Italy), directed by Giulio Manfredonia, Societa’ Dante Alighieri – Jebel Al Weibdeh, 8:00 pm. For more information: 06 4640350.

Wednesday January 19, 2011

Beethoven Again and Again,
by the Amman Symphony Orchestra, with Eric Stumacher, visiting conductor and piano soloist (USA), Al Hussein Cultural Center-Ras Al-Ain, 7:30pm. Tickets price (10/20 JD). For more information: 06 4746222.

Bayt al-Ruwwad group led by Sakher Hattar
, Al Hussein Cultural Centre-Ras Al Ein, 7:30 pm.

Blog On, Creative Digital Expression as a Form of Alternative Art
, presentation and discussion, part of 7iber’s residency at Makan Art Space, Makan/Jabal Luweibdeh, 7:00 pm.

Thursday January 20, 2011

Music: Caroline Madi, The Royal Cultural Center, Main Theater, 7:00 pm

Classical Symphony Concert (USA)
, Al Hussein Cultural Centre-Ras Al Ein, 7:00 pm.

Film: To shoot an elephant
, King Abdullah II Cultural Center-Zarqa, 6:30 pm.

Opening of Exhibition by the Norwegian artist Håkon Gullvåg, The Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts, 6:30 pm, until February 15th.

Friday January 21, 2011

Karaoke Night, Cafe Paris, Jabal al Waibdeh-Paris Circle, 9:00pm. For more information: 0779279095.

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