Classics, Documentaries, and Art Exhibitions in Amman This Week

February 17, 2013

Artist Sinan Hussein’s long anticipated “Between II Worlds” art exhibition will open this Monday at Dar Al-Anda Gallery. Portraits of forlorn couples, floating figures and contorted faces characterize Hussein’s collection. Vibrant colors and a floral patterns, recurrent though most paintings, belie the true meaning of his paintings.

Foreign film enthusiasts can enjoy Cinema Paradiso, an academy award winning Italian movie directed and written by Giuseppe Tornatore, showing at the Rainbow Theatre on Monday.

The film tells the story of a filmmaker’s (Salvatore Di Vita) return to his hometown (a small village in Sicily) after receiving news of the death of Alfredo (the town’s theatre projectionist), a fatherly figure in the life of young Salvatore (Toto) that gave him exclusive and free access to the control room, where he first developed his love for cinema. Returning home after 30 years of estrangement, Salvatore nostalgically revisits his past and his first love.

Rainbow theater’s schedule also includes Woody Allen’s 1979 classic “Manhattan”, and the 1964 classic Dr. Strangelove (or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb) on Sunday, while the week concludes with three back-to-back Harry Potter Films on Friday.

Screening at the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation is the Cuban documentary Suite Havana, directed by Fernando Pérez. Critics have deemed the film as one of the best Cuban films in decades. The documentary chronicles a day in the life of thirteen Cuban people from different walks of life. It has no dialogue, but rather uses sound and image to provoke emotional effect.

For details on these events and more, check out 7iber’s calendar.

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