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الأحد 27 تشرين الأول 2013

This week in Amman is especially rich with art exhibitions and film screenings. “Ana Hunna – I am Here” initiative for promoting women in the economy is screening three new short films at the Royal Film Commission: “Woman and A Half” by Kamal Laaridhi from Tunisia, “Om Amira” by Naji Ismail from Egypt, and “Beyond the Sky” by Vesna Shalabi from Jordan. This last screening will be followed by a discussion with Tahani, the lead character in the film (Sunday 8 pm).

The Korean Film Festival at Al Hussein Cultural Center will include three film screenings, all at 6pm: Architecture 101 (Sunday), Officer of the Year (Monday), and Mama (Tuesday). The Chinese Film Weeks in Abdul Hamid Shoman will start on Wednesday, with a screening of the film Caught on the Web in the presence of its director, Chen Kaige (8 pm). For more information on the Chinese Film Week, which will continue till November 4, visit our calendar.

On Saturday, Mahmoud Shahin’s Art Exhibition, “Glimpses of Sufism” opens at Fann Wa Chai in Luweibdeh. The exhibit will continue until November 7th“Two songs & a pair of shoes” at Foresight32 Art Gallery is another exhibit in Amman this month, which is open until November 9. Orfali Art Gallery presents an exhibition by Hani Dallah, continuing until November 6. “When Two Minds Collide” at Gallery 14 is a counter-point of forms, patterns and colors: the result of Natasha Dahdaleh and Walid Zou’bi combining their work for the first time, into a melody which is separate, unique and yet still, harmonious. Nabad Art Gallery presents the work of Jordanian architect and artist Rawan Kakish in an exhibition titled: “Testimony of Presence“.

For details on these events and many more, check out 7iber’s calendar, and if we missed anything you think we should add, drop us a line at [email protected]                       



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