Darat Al Funun’s 25th year celebration, Geeks on Plane, and more

الأحد 10 تشرين الثاني 2013

This week in Amman the possibilities are diverse and numerous: art exhibits, film screenings, and a AmmanTT event, among many more.

HIWAR | Conversations in Amman is an exhibition, residencies, and talks program organized by Darat al Funun and curated by Adriano Pedrosa to celebrate 25 years of support for the arts. HIWAR (meaning conversation in Arabic) has brought 14 artists from the Arab world, Africa, Asia, and Latin America to Amman for residencies in September and October 2013, culminating in an exhibition opening on Saturday 9 November 2013. Adriano Pedrosa will lead a conversation about the challenges curators face while working through the margins, considering South-South connections, center-periphery flows, and the necessity to come up with new modes and models to look and think about art in these contexts (Sunday at 7 pm).

The Royal society of Fine Arts will be opening an exhibition titled “Rafa Nasiri: 50 years of Painting and Printmaking” at the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts Building this Monday (6:00 pm). The exhibition will run through December 30.

Amman Tech Tuesdays and “Geeks On Plane” Tour bring The AmmanTT: Geeks On Plane edition, where geeks, entrepreneurs, and investors from Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and the United Sates will meet and share their start-up experience in the signature and unorthodox AmmanTT style of openness and passion. Guests and speakers include David McClure, Robert Laing, Abdullah Mando, Abeer Omar, Muhanad Ghashim, Mohammed Al Shaker (Tuesday 6pm–9pm). For more information, check the event here.

Mlabbas will be screening the documentary film Objectified (2009), this Saturday in its upstairs art space (7:30 pm).

For details on these events and many more, check out 7iber’s calendar, and if we missed anything you think we should add, drop us a line at [email protected]

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