Arab Women Film Festival, Project Christmas, and much more

الأحد 01 كانون الأول 2013

This month in Amman is rich with art exhibits. Zara Gallery’s final exhibition opening for this year will feature “Marwa Najar” (Monday at 6:00 pm) whose existential collection of paintings captures glimpses of the sweeping swings between being and non being, sanity and madness, trance and consciousness. Gallery 14 presents “Transparency: Playing with the Light”, a group exhibition by Jan Kassy, Jan Mufti, Jeanette Jounblat, Fadi Haddadin, Haider Saddam,Marcel Othman, Reem Yassouf, Taimour Rabadi, and Yousef Baddawi. Other exhibits include: “Rose Water – Homage to Twombly” by Nazar Yahya in Karim Gallery, “Visible Differences” and “Rafa Nasiri 50 years of Painting and Printmaking” at the National Gallery of Fine Arts, “Sana Kayyali” at Orient Gallery, and “Illusion of Erosion: Art Exhibit by M. Quraish” at Orfali Gallery, among many others. For details about these exhibits and more, visit our calendar.

CUMERC presents a talk by George Khouri on Monday titled “Battleground Syria”, which will be followed by a reception (6:30pm).

The Royal Film Commission in cooperation with the Center for Women’s Studies in Jordan University is is hosting the Arab Woman Film Festival in Wadi Rum Theater at the Languages Center in Jordan University. Screenings include “678”, which sheds light on and exposes the implications and circumstances of sexual harassment in the lives of the main characters. The film paints an uncompromising picture of Egyptian society from the points of view of three women from different social classes united by their decision to no longer remain silent victims of sexual harassment.The film has won the Best Actor and Best Actress Awards on The Muhr Arab category at Dubai International Film Festival 2010 (Wednesday at 11 am). For the full schedule and details, visit our calendar.

Project Christmas: An original collaborative musical theater piece by Dozan wa Awtar will run in Concord Theater from Tuesday, December 3 until Sunday December 7 (8pm).

For details on these events and many more, check out 7iber’s calendar, and if we missed anything you think we should add, drop us a line at [email protected]

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