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السبت 22 شباط 2014

The Royal Film Commission presents the “Iranian Film Week” in the presence of the Iranian film expert and distributor Fariba Sumanska starting this Sunday at 7:00 pm in the Rainbow Theater. Feature and documentary films include: “Mory Wants a Wife”, a documentary by Baktash Abtin (Sunday), “From Tehran to Heaven” a narrative film by Abolfazl Saffary (Monday), “My Name is Negahdar Jamali and I Make Westerns” a documentary by Kamran Haidari (Tuesday), “Park Mark” a documentary by Baktash Abtin (Wednesday), and “Fish & Cat” a narrative film by Shahram Mokri (Thursday).

This week is also rich with lectures and cultural presentations. On Tuesday, the American Center of Oriental Research presents a lecture titled, “The Late Neolithic Colonization of the Eastern Badia” (6:00PM). The lecture will discuss how unprecedented population growth, environmental degradation, and a reduction of rainfall by the end of the Pre-Pottery Neolithic B (PPNB) period (c. 8,700-7,000 BC) resulted in severe pressures on farming communities in highland Jordan and other parts of the Near East. One consequence of these developments was a concerted move into the eastern badia region by pastoral groups to take advantage of the pasturage for their sheep and goats, converting vegetation useless for humans into meat, dairy products, wool and hair, and skins. Long considered to be a slow and somewhat timid process of adapting to the arid regions, recent research in the Wadi al-Qattafi and Wisad Pools east of Azraq now indicates that the shift into the badia by shepherds was robust and widespread, establishing semi-permanent villages that were occupied for several months of the year, sometimes practicing occasional agriculture when seasonal rains permitted, as early as 6,500 BC. Clearly, the harsh desert countryside we see today was not the landscape that these early

As part of “Art Territories” series, Makan hosts Fadi Tofeili, co-founder and editor-in-chief of Portal 9, to reflect on the inception of the journal and highlight its collaborative editorial process (Wednesday 6:00 PM). Fadi will also present samples of writing and commissioned artworks from the journal’s previous three issues. Portal 9 is a journal of stories and critical writing about urbanism and the city that blends creative writing, photography, and personal essays with academic scholarship, perceptive journalism, and cultural critiques.

Also on Wednesday, Al Balad Theatre presents “Emergent Material and Performative Urbanism: a Search for New and Dynamic Architecture of the Middle East”, a talk by George Katodrytis (7:00 PM). Emergent practices of dynamic processes and topological modeling are now capable of incorporating a new language in architecture that can reconnect urbanism to modern life, environmental specificity, and culture. Instead of celebrating the uniqueness of the architectural object, performative urbanism focuses on how the object (material tectonics), the process of production (programmatic iterations) and local behavior (contextual anomalies) can become culturally relevant. The generation of form follows a process in which geometry, coded with material behavior, becomes responsive to fields of influence, physical forces and environmental dynamics.

On Thursday and Friday Dozan Wa Awtar will represent Jordan in the World Choir Games at Bank Al Etihad in Shmesani (8:00 PM)

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