Films and lectures in Amman this week

March 22, 2014
Makan: Journalism As Practice

Spring Week in Jadal continues, with a documentary by Dom Rotheroe titled “The Coconut Revolution” scheduled for screening this Saturday (7:00 PM). The film tells the story of the successful uprising of the indigenous peoples of Bougainville Island against the Papua New Guinea army, and the mining plans of the mining corporation Rio Tinto Zinc to exploit their natural resources. On Sunday, a collection of short films will be screened, including  “Crisis in the Congo: Uncovering The Truth” and “Rule from the Shadow – The Psychology of Power”.

British Film Week starts in Rainbow Theater. Sunday will feature “The Unfinished Song /Song for Marion”. Arthur a shy, grumpy pensioner can’t seem to find a reason to smile. He cannot understand why his wife, Marion, must sing with the local seniors’ choir, even after being stricken with a terminal illness. As her condition worsens, Arthur reluctantly joins the choir, taking her place in the lineup. For the complete British Film Week schedule, check our calendar here.

Columbia’s Global Center will host Chris Dercon, Tate Modern Director, art historian, documentary filmmaker, and cultural producer, for a lecture titled “Making the Tate More Modern” (Saturday 6:30 PM). To read more about Dercon and the Tate, check out the event details here.

On Sunday, Makan hosts Lina Attallah, editor of Mada Masr, in a lecture: “Journalism as Practice”. For more information, check this link (Sunday 7:00 PM).

Art exhibits in Amman this week include “Faith” by Kelvin Bown (UK), which will continue till April 18th; and  “El Matam El Mish-Masry/ Asunción Molinos Gordo” (Egypt/Spain), which will be available till the end of March. Kelvin Bown’s exhibition addresses the spiritual roots of the Middle East, often fragmented and forgotten in the maelstrom of contemporary politics and sectarian strife. Retrieving old and damaged archival images, and using the latest digital innovations, Bown preserves precious visual information that could be lost or hidden forever. These images are documents of the spiritual and social harmony between the three monotheistic religions that emerged from this region. Gordo’s multi-layered installation “El Matam El Mish-Masry” consists of an array of polemical menus to induce critical analysis and conversation about food sovereignty. The idea was first conceived in the ‘Dokkan’ at the Artellwa Art Space in Cairo, in November 2012.

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