Amman Jazz, Chinese film, & more this week

April 26, 2014

Jacaranda Images presents “Art as an Investment” as part of ART TALKS, a bimonthly series of discussions on art. The first discussion held on 12 April opened up ideas about what is a collection, who are collectors, and how to start collecting art. Join Jacaranda Images this Saturday to share experiences, discuss if art really is a good investment (it is!), and contribute to a dedicated hour or so of TALKING ART (5:00 pm).

Shoman will be screening a Chinese film titled “A woman, a Gun and a Noodle Shop” on Tuesday (6:30 pm). Love, betrayal, and murder take root in the deserts of China in this comedy drama from great filmmaker Zhang Yimou. Wang is an ill-tempered tyrant who runs a noodle shop not far from the Great Wall. Wang treats his employees like dirt and isn’t much friendlier to his long-suffering wife who soothes her nerves by having an affair with Li, one of Wang’s cooks. The wife would like to take Wang out of the picture, and one day she gives Li a gun, suggesting that he kill Wang so they can live in peace. A crooked cop named Zhang learns about the plot and tells Wang about the lovers, offering to kill them for a price.

Amman Jazz Festival celebrates International Jazz Day 2014 with three simultaneous concerts titled “Jazz for Syria” in Amman, Beirut, and Den Haag connected via Internet broadcast and virtual interaction in Zara Expo (Wednesday at 7:00 pm). 7iber’s cultural calendar will keep you updated with Amman Jazz’s events, which will continue until the end of May.

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