Besieged Shrines, Hurras Al-Thakera, Venezuelan Films and more

الأحد 14 أيلول 2014

With Fall coming upon us, Amman will be engaged this week in various cultural and artistic events, from film screening to talks and music.

The opening of the artistic exhibition by Moataz Al-Dajani will be this Sunday at 6 PM and will take place on 7iber’s rooftop. The Exhibition goes under the title “Besieged Shrines“; Shrines that memorialize the epic in people’s lives and struggles. “Soul Houses” inspired by the diverse arts and rituals of the “Fertile Crescent”.

Another exhibition titled Art for Gaza will also start during this week organized by “The House of Art”, a collaborative art exhibition by local photographers, artists and designers. The exhibition will showcase the work of a diverse group of talents, each reflecting on the most recent war on Gaza. All proceeds generated from the exhibition will go to Gaza through (PCRF) Palestine Children’s Relief Fund.

And the opening of another exhibition “INVISIBLE“: A Multi-channel Video and Photography Installation Exhibition by Rehab Nazzal (Tuesday, 6 PM)

Cinematic wise, The Royal Film Commission in cooperation with The Embassy of Venezuela in Jordan will host a “Venezuelan Film Days“, starting Monday 15/Sep till Wednesday 17/Sep (Please visit 7iber’s calendar to view the three films)

Continuing a series of screenings selected by film critic Yazan Ashqar, “Close-Up” (1990; dir. Abbas Kiarostami) is based on the real-life story of a man on trial for impersonating film director Mohsen Makhmalbaf, and convincing a family that he is directing a new movie at their place (Tuesday, 7:30 PM).

Musical, the annual festival “Hurras Al Thakera” organizing “Hannouneh” for cultural musical dances will be at 8 PM till Thursday

For more events and activities please visit our calendar. If we missed an event that you know about you can email us at [email protected]

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