Christmas Concert, Uranium Film Festival, and More in Amman This Week

الأحد 14 كانون الأول 2014

As the holiday season approaches, a colourful week awaits us in Amman.

On Monday, the Jordanian National Orchestra presents “A Christmas Concert” at The Royal Cultural Center, conducted by Mohammad Sidiq. The concert’s program includes the music of Strauss, Tchaikovsky and Korsakov, in addition to medleys of Christmas songs. Ticket: 20 JDs (7:00 pm).

The Palestinian musician Basel Zayed and a group of Jordanian musicians hold a fundraising concert this weekend at Osama Mashini Theater in Jabal Al Lweibdeh. All proceeds will go to the renovation of the houses of Al Jalazoun neighbourhood, near Baqaa refugee camp. Ticket: 7 JDs (Saturday, 6:00 pm).

From Tuesday to Thursday, Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung organizes the “International Uranium Film Festival”,  in cooperation with the Royal Film Commission and the Goethe Institut. It is the first festival of its kind that addresses all nuclear and radioactive issues. The aim is to inform about nuclear power, uranium mining, nuclear weapons and the risks of radioactivity. The festival will present films from Iraq, Iran, India, Japan, Italy, Germany, Ukraine and USA. Screenings will take place at Rainbow Theater (7:00 pm).

Shouman Foundation will be screening the 2005 Korean film “Marathon”. It follows an autistic young man, who finds solace only in running. His mother is the caring force that never gives up on him. Even though both Mother and son suffer from family and financial issues, they manage to find a former marathon champion to serve as his coach for an upcoming marathon (Tuesday, 6:30 pm).

Darat Al Funun hosts an exhibition by Warsha, resurrecting an archive of old Arabic newspapers, magazines, and vinyls all released between the 50s and 70s, transporting them “from dusty shelves behind closed doors to posters on walls and audio/visual art.” (Tuesday, 7:30 pm).

For more information on arts and culture events in Amman, visit 7iber’s cultural calendar. To add related events to our agenda, please write us at [email protected].


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