Turkish Film, A Talk By Dr Mads Gilbert, Music, and More

January 17, 2015

After a long week dominated by weather updates, Amman comes back to life with various interesting events.

Mads Gilbert, the Norwegian doctor who lived and worked in Gaza during its last four wars, gives a talk about his experiences as an activist for Palestine for over 30 years. The talk, titled “Solidarity, Commitment and Leadership: Why Palestine Matters”, is hosted by Jordan BDS movement (Thursday, 6:00 pm).

As a part of our documentary photography project, Pixel, 7iber invites you to a screening of the film “Bill Cunningham New York”, which documents Cunningham’s life and work. Cunningham, a long time contributor to the New York Times, is an incurable and eccentric chronicler of fashion, tirelessly snapping photos of and writing about interestingly attired celebrities and ordinary New Yorkers he spots on the street (Saturday, 5:30 pm).

Shoman foundation screens the award-winning Turkish film “Night of Silence”. The film tells the story of the first night of an arranged marriage between a man recently released from prison on account of two honour killings and a fourteen-year-old girl (Tuesday, 6:30 pm).

On Tuesday, the Palestinian film “Paradise Now”, nominated for an Academy award for Best Foreign Language Film, is screened at Darat Al Funun. The 2005 film explores 48 hours of the lives of two Palestinian friends who are recruited for a suicide bombing in Tel Aviv (6:30 pm).

Mohammad Al Ameri’s art exhibition, “Sufi Love”, opens at Orient Gallery this Tuesday as well. The exhibition “creates a higher level of experience for the viewer to contemplate and examine their relationship with the environment”, as described by Al Ameri (6:00 pm).

Shoman Foundation Musical Evenings presents the Musician Talal Abu Al Ragheb in a live concert. The Jordanian composer and sound designer produced musical pieces for theaters, documentaries, movies, children’s songs and concerts. He released his latest album, “Al Hadi”, in 2011 (Thursday, 7:30 pm).

Blue Fig hosts the local Farmers’ Market on Friday. The market brings together high quality producers of organic goods, that are health conscious and socially responsible (10:00 am).

For more information on arts and culture events in Amman, visit 7iber’s cultural calendar. To add related events to our agenda, please write us at [email protected].


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