Maurice Louca, Palestinian and Romanian Films, Exhibitions and More in Amman This Week

March 16, 2015
Maurice Louca

This week, the TBA Collective and Studio X Amman organize a concert at Canvas by Maurice Louca, featuring Bashar Farran and Tommaso Cappellato, followed by DJ sets with Adrian Lahoud, Kitchen Crowd, and DJ Fuzz. Ticket: 10 JDs (Thursday, 9:30 pm).

“The Dupes (Al makhdu’un)” (1972; Tawfiq Saleh), is screened this Tuesday at Darat Al Funun. The film is based on the 1962 novella Men in the Sun by slain Palestinian writer, artist, and resistance leader Ghassan Kanafani, and is one of the first Arab films to tackle the Palestinian issue. It is set in 1958, where three Palestinians meet in Basra, Iraq, on their way to Kuwait where they hope to make a living and survive after the Nakba of 1948 (6:30 pm).

At Shoman Foundation, Romanian film “Child’s Pose”. The film tells the story of Cornelia, who has a bad relationship with her son. She’s a wealthy successful architect who gave her son all the privileges in the post-Ceaușescu era. Yet he drifts and lacks focus, and he wants nothing to do with his mother (6:30 pm).

The Iraqi Artist Qahtan Al Ameen’s art exhibition “Memory & Nostalgia” opens at Dar Al Anda on Wednesday, till April 8 (5:30 pm). Another exhibition, “Travelling” by Maha Khoury, opens at Orient Gallery on Tuesday, till 9 April (6:00 pm).

For more information on these events and many more, visit 7iber’s cultural calendar. To add events to our agenda, please write us at culture[at]7iber[dot]com

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