Open Call: Training of Facilitators in Digital Storytelling

July 27, 2015

Challenge My Story – “To be a person, is to have a story to tell”

Digital StoryLab based in Denmark along with 7iber, are offering a certified five-day training in Amman open to all interested parties who wish to facilitate workshops, advise and disseminate the method of Digital Storytelling for different target groups.

Date of workshop: 1-5 September
Deadline to apply: 18 August

ToF five-day workshop was developed by Digital StoryLab and will cover the following:

1. How to produce your own 2-3 minutes personal digital story.
2. The power of the Story circle – and theory of storytelling.
3. Creative writing and storytelling methods for involvement.
4. How to facilitate individual and group processes
5. Specialization in a chosen area, such as the technical aspects, narratives, visual expression and distribution of the digital stories.
6. Strategies to introduce the DS in educational context of a group and run it independently.
7. In-depth training in film and audio applications, where the participant tries to teach each other.
8. Visual storytelling.
9. Copyright rules, formats and online tools.
10. Didactic learning.
11. Invitation to join the international digital storytelling network.
12. Communication strategies for dissemination of stories and implementation/project planning within Digital Storytelling and different target groups.

**Participants who complete the Training of Facilitator five-day workshop will receive a digital storytelling certificate.

ToF five-day workshop is open to people with the following qualifications:

1. Youth volunteering from different non profit organizations and/or community workers/students in Jordan working with empowerment, youth, gender issues and freedom of speech and human rights, that are interested in using digital media for empowerment and public communication.
2. Age group 17 – 35 years of age.
3. Participants must know English (minimum intermediate level).
4. Participant must like to be facilitators in the method digital storytelling, and could benefit from learning the method and directly apply it in their work and projects.
5. Participant must like to participate in local community activities, foster debates on gender related issues and empowerment of youth
6. Participants must have basic IT skills.
7. Participants must bring their own computer, mobile or tablet device and headphones.
8. Participants must be active people in the community and community work.
9. Participants must be willing to give copyright of the product to be screened on and at the Hakaya Storytelling Festival.

If you are what we are looking for, please submit the following to info[at]7iber[dot]com

1. Copy of your birth certificate, passport or ID
2. Contact info: email and mobile number
3. CV to also include any volunteering experience or community work.
4. Cover letter stating:
1- Generally what the story of the group of people you work/ed with and why you chose to work with them.
2- How will you use this workshop to expand your work in the community with your current organization or independent volunteering work.
3- Links to examples of achievements of working with the community (Social Media channels, reports, articles, pictures, videos, etc).

**Deadline for applying is Tuesday 18 August 2015.
**There are limited number of seats.
**Chosen applicants will be contacted 1 week before the workshop start date.
**Any incomplete applications will be automatically dismissed from the screening process.

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